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  • Almond Wine 50cl.

    Almond Wine 50cl.

     The Almond Wine is a recipe from an antique tradition which has always belonged to the Turrisi family, who up to this day maintain vivid this art of winemaking.This elixir is an encounter between a dry white wine, aromatic herbs, almonds, and essences which render it refined and unmistakable. A wine which delights the senses with the first sweet taste, however the 'amara' after taste, typical of almond it's also a wine aphrodisiac.The aroma captures the feminine mystique, which reflects the inspiring muse for all its qualities , sweet, velvet, soft, aroma, ...amara. Aromatizing the wine is inspired by a desire to present to the world the essence of this our land, rich in every sort of richness. And it is this the very profound secret of the Almond Wine. It is served iced with a small piece of orange or lemon rind, which elevates even still the aroma.

  • Almond Wine 75cl.

    Almond Wine 75cl.

    The scent captures all the thrill of a voluptuous feminine mystique, as muse from which the nectar it reflects all its qualities: sweet, velvety, soft, fragrant ... bitter. Flavor the wine is intended to acquaint the people of the world all the flavors and the essence of our land rich in all manner of riches. And this is the secret depths of almond wine. It goes served chilled with a twist of lemon or orange, which stand out even more flavor. Its amber color makes it really fine and elegant, inconfondibile.Il goes almond wine served chilled with a lemon or orange zest .

  • Almond Wine red  50cl.

    Almond Wine red 50cl.

    Red lava , deep and fragrant . Red wine with almonds is a return to the tradition of making wine this wine flavored . The wine used is a nero d' avola particularly fragrant with hints of red fruits together with almonds gives a wine very rich in flavor .

  • Fine pastries with Almonds 500g.

    Fine pastries with Almonds 500g.

     These almond paste are the result of a careful processing of the essences of Sicily. Almonds, citrus honey, sugar are the ingredients for these delicious almond paste made ​​by hand in our laboratory.



    This bottle contains in itself the main concepts of the Bar Turrisi The almond wine which according to tradition was born in this place and the concept of the Phallus as a representation of the divine fortune and prosperity. Bottle with unique design of the Bar Turrisi

Displaying 1 to 9 (of 9 products)